Friday, April 16, 2010

US Route 20 Video: Just For Fun

Things have been slow on the US Route 20 front. So when Google made available a feature where one could make a personalized Google search commercial, I decided to make one for US Route 20. It highlights all the different information you can find on the internet about the longest road in the United States – and that includes this blog! So here is my own little 35- second spot – just for fun (or for shameless self-promotion).

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The US Route 20 Blog homepage can be found at, here.


Michael said...

Hello. Just discovered your blog. I traveled the length of US 20 from Boston to Newport in autumn of 1996 and wrote a book about the journey, "Twenty Days on Route 20."

In two weeks I leave for another solo journey on 20, this time heading west in spring. I have a series of readings booked along the way and one is at the library in Painesville, OH. More info at

Like what you're doing on this blog.


usroute20 said...

Michael, thanks for the info. I'll put this on my list to do a blog entry to alert my readers to your trip and post the links to your web site!

Michael said...

Thanks US Route 20! maybe see you at the reading in Painesville?
Tuesday, May 18
Painesville, OH
Morley Library
184 Phelps Street
Poems and Stories from the Road
7:00 PM

Anonymous said...

As a native of Central NY, I am glad to see there is an association dedicated to Route 20. I was surprised to see how much the portions of US 20 in Illinois between Rockford and the Mississippi River resembled Upstate NY in topography. Presently we live in the Southwest, and, as I'm sure you know, there are very active associations in states between Illinois and California dedicated to the preservation of Historic Route 66, the "Mother Road." Best of luck.