Friday, August 29, 2008

US 20 in NY: Taking Woodstock Set Pictures and Filming Information

The movie “Taking Woodstock” has been creating a lot of excitement on US Route 20 in New Lebanon, NY. (I’ve covered this on my blog here and here.)

A calendar of filming is being kept on the web site for the Town of New Lebanon, here. There is also a diagram of road closures, here.

There are also plenty of set photos that you can access at, here. They also have a nice write up about the filming:

Route 20 is one of the last great 2 lane highways, like Route 66 only in Upstate NY. And New Lebanon’s location is especially appealing because it is just a few miles from the Berkshires. Route 20 and the Berkshires offer plenty to do, antique shops, modern ruins, restaurants, and outdoor activities. It really is an interesting, beautiful part of the country!

In our first Taking Woodstock post we explained what the set was (an old motel set back off of Route 20) and what was around it (nothing). This post includes more pictures of them filming a scene in which an actor (who we recognize and can not place so if you know who he is please leave a comment and let us know) gets into his car outside of the motel. They also filmed exterior shots of just the motel from the road.

There were also a few old cars waiting for their close up so I am assuming they were filming more scenes later on. We didn’t see Demetri but we have seen on a few other blogs and message boards that he has been there.

The US Route 20 Blog homepage can be found here.

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coffeechocaholic said...

Any one in Pittsfield headed to the Woodstock movie set starting TOMORROW morning??????


Anyone going to work in that direction (New Lebanon NY ) in the morning?

The reason I'm asking is my son needs to get to the movie set in the AM , Mon-Friday this week.
We have only 1 car, I work early & my son doesn't have a license yet.

SO, anyone traveling to New Lebanon NY, to work or whatever (from Pittsfield area) this Monday (Sept 8th) thru Friday & willing to car pool?????? needs to be there @ 9AM ..... will help pay for gas!!!!!
message me @ with "woodstock" in subject