Thursday, September 10, 2009

US20 In Ohio: Cleveland’s Public Square

Public Square (Google Maps)

US Route 20 has a very prominent place in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. It is one of the key roads to and through Public Square, which is the center of the city of Cleveland and has its roots all the way back to the "Original Plan of the Town and Village of Cleaveland" (yes, it was originally spelled “Cleaveland”), prepared in 1796 by the Connecticut Land Company. While passing the Square on the south and east side, it is known as Euclid Avenue. On the north and west side of the Square, it runs concurrently with US Route 6 (AKA the Grand Army of the Republic Highway) and US Route 42, and is called Superior Avenue, and then later Detroit Avenue after it crosses the Cuyahoga River.

US 20 Euclid Ave. westbound into Public Square, the Terminal Tower and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in view

Public Square, Old Stone Church in background (note the shadow of the Terminal Tower on the buildings to the left of the church) © chrisazimmer, used with permission

As it skirts Public Square, US 20 passes many landmarks, both old and new; The Old Stone Church, The Soldiers and Sailors Monument , and 200 Public Square are some examples. The Terminal Tower is on the Square itself, and US 20 passes only a few hundred feet from the entrance of Cleveland’s most famous landmark.

Old Postcard (undated) of Public Square with US 20 notations added

US 20 and base of 200 Public Square (Tower) (Google Earth)

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