Thursday, April 16, 2009

US20 In Nebraska: Bridges to Buttes Byway

As US Route 20 heads westward in Nebraska, there is a 197-mile stretch between Valentine Nebraska and the border of Wyoming that is called the “Bridges to Buttes Byway.” This drive includes various terrains, from rolling sand hills, prairies, pine bluffs, and plateaus.

The Sandhills are on the eastern end, and this is the largest grass-covered stabilized sand dune formation in the Western Hemisphere. The area is ideal for ranching. As US 20 moves west, the topography changes to valleys and pine bluffs and buttes, which includes the Nebraska National Forest. Farther west is a large prairie at the Oglala National Grassland, and the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument.

There is so much to see and experience in this stretch of US Route 20. Here are two short videos that highlight some of the beauty of the Nebraska’s Bridges to Buttes Byway.

Bridges to Buttes By Way 2009 Podcast

Bridges and Buttes Byway Info Video

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