Thursday, May 14, 2009

US20 In Wyoming: Greybull

Intersection of US 20, US 16 and US 14 at Greybull, Wyoming

A few years ago, when my husband and I drove to Yellowstone National Park, we drove via a route that took us through Shell Canyon. We came out of the canyon on some sort of rudimentary dirt road that certainly did not look like it was supposed to be a dirt road on our map. Thankfully the road was dry and we had four-wheel drive. When we reached near the end of the dirt road, we found ourselves in the town of Greybull, Wyoming , in Big Horn County. We stopped at a small restaurant (I forget the name) on what looked like their main intersection. We were surprised to see that it was US Route 14 converging with US Route 16 and US Route 20 . It was then that we realized that we could have taken US Route 20, which is only a quarter of a mile away from my home in Ohio, and driven all the way to Yellowstone.

Route 20, as it converges with these other two routes, is known as 6th Street, specifically North 6th and South 6th as it intersects with Greybull Avenue (US Route 14).

The town may have received its name from a legend of an ancient albino buffalo believed to be sacred by early area Native Americans. In the early 1900s a railroad through the area helped connect it with Cody, Wyoming and with southern Montana, and the railroad helped the town to flourish. The town celebrated its centennial in July 0f 2006.

Greybull itself is not a major destination, but it is very close by to some great geological sights and points of interest: The Big Horn Mountains, Shell Canyon (to its east) Chimney Rock, Sheep Mountain, Devil’s Kitchen, and the Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite. There are also areas nearby for hunting and fishing.

If you’re planning a drive to Yellowstone National Park, whether you are going on US Route 20 or not, a stop in the Greybull area is worth your time. (Hopefully the dirt road is gone by now.) If you want to read more about Greybull, check out this on line book about Greybull, Wyoming.

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